About Keith

About Keith...

I’m born and bred in the country where I’ve planted my roots. I don’t have an expensive education or fancy certificates hanging in an office. I do have a gift…. that of communication.

 For the past 3 decades I have earned a living by going on vacation. Not my own mind you, but for others… the human kind. I have ‘herded’ roughly 16,000 souls around the globe as a Tour Manager. Now I don’t speak Turkish or Arabic, Greek or Swahili… but I do speak dog. I was given a sign to write a new chapter in my life and follow my heart. “GO TO THE DOGS”!  And I have. Regardless of race, color, creed, breed or language, I have managed to communicate around the globe with this gift. And as in any gift, we can’t choose, we accept. It is something bestowed upon us.

 I made my first rescue in 2002... The Bear – a rottie-lab mix of 10 months old. He’s gone on now to leave paw prints in the spirit world, yet a part of him remains with me… he taught me ever greater empathy and understanding for what ‘they’ may have gone through with others of his kind. Whether they are victims of homelessness or neglect, abuse or unfortunate circumstance for their parents, I have traded the glamour of travel to help give more dogs a “home”.

What came to me was the heart behind K9 1-ON-1 Companions for K9’S, which started as a hobby to help others and their animals in any way I can, and I do mean any. This hobby has matured into a business where I devote my time to as many as I can. The rewards behind this is immeasurable, and certainly too gratifying for words.

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  1. You both are an inspiration! This is a great business venture that will bring you love and satisfaction on a daily basis! Good luck!!

    “Choice, not chance, determines your destiny.”

    ― Aristotle