Friday, September 13, 2013

Which Breed Is Best For Your Family?

The kids have been asking. You and the spouse have been thinking about it. There have been several family discussions surrounding the topic. You're on the verge of saying, "Yes!  Let's do it!"  However, you have no idea which breed of dog would be best suited for your family.

You're not alone. There are an abundance of dog breeds out there and choosing the right one can often be challenging. Do you want a small dog?  Big dog? Do you want an active dog to pair with your family's active lifestyle? Would a less active dog be a better fit?

How do you choose the right dog for your family? 

1.  Do your homework.  You need to get acquainted with the type of breeds you're considering.  All breeds have characteristics that can make or break the perfect match. 

2.  Where do you live?  Do you have a house with a large fenced in yard or an apartment in the city?  This has a huge impact on the type of breed you should consider.  A large dog with a high energy level would not do well in a city apartment.

3. Consider your family's lifestyle.  Regardless of what breed you choose, you'll need to put some time aside to take your new addition to the family for walks and engage in playtime. This is something that is required daily. 

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