Thursday, September 5, 2013

Delicious Apple Crunch Pupcakes

Just a heads up, we are huge fans of homemade dog treats. Although there are high quality, all natural dog treats out on the market to purchase, they often come with a hefty price tag.  If you give your furkid treats daily this can add up especially if you're buying for more than one.
Homemade dog treats are super easy to make.  Our motto is if you can bake up a batch of cookies or muffins, you can make dog treats.  The biggest benefit is you control the ingredients.  You don't have to worry about questionable additives or preservatives.  The other benefit is the cost. Making your own dog treats will cost you much in 70%-90% less than what you would pay at the store.

If you're a Pinterest junkie or foodie, you've probably noticed the massive amount of fall recipes posted. The majority of these are desserts heavily laced with apple or pumpkin. Why not include your furkid in the festive tastes of the fall season. 
We stumbled on this great recipe from Miss Candiquick earlier this week and wanted to pass it on to our readers.  We're thinking your sweet pup will enjoy snacking on these Apple Crunch Pupcakes.  Click here to get the recipe. 

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