Monday, September 16, 2013

You Say I'm Spoiled Like It's A Bad Thing...

Earlier today I checked in on our furbaby. He was sleeping soundly on our bed curled up on 2 pillows.  On top of the pillows was one of his three favorite blankets. The second favorite blanket was curled around his head for a pillow.  The third blanket was on top of him. I placed a few of his favorite treats about a foot from where he was sleeping.  You know, just in case he woke up and wanted a snack. 

Aside from his 3 favorite plush blankets, he has a large dog bed in the living room. Beside the bed is a large, round wicker basket filled with toys and bones. The floor is scattered with various dog bones, a few of my fluffy socks and half eaten dog biscuits. In each room there are a few scattered toys and treats. When you walk into our house, there is no question we have a dog.

You think stepping on a Lego is bad?  A half chomped-on biscuit will give you the same "ouch" factor when bare feet are involved.

I have no shame in admitting our furbaby is spoiled.  Most times, when we're out and about, we return home with a present. He greets us at the door, tail wagging and he'll sniff every bag.  He knows there is a treat in there.  Once a week, he gets a favorite of his...2 honey glazed donut holes. After a trip to the vet, we make a pit stop at McDonald's for a plain cheeseburger. 

Of course, we take quite a few photos of our furbaby and show him off. He's a part of our every day, holiday, special occasions, etc. When we do venture out to run errands or enjoy date night, it's never more than a few hours. Overnight trips, weekend getaways and vacations are a thing of the past. If he can't come with us, we don't go. Although there are pet friendly hotels, those are far and few between.

Yes, we get "looks" when we talk about our furson for too long or mention some of his personal preferences. He prefers McDonald's cheeseburgers over Wendy's. Apparently he doesn't like square burgers. The only American cheese he eats is Land O' Lakes. White meat over dark. He'll only eat scrambled eggs if there is cheese mixed in. Wheat toast must have butter. He won't take his vitamin unless he's give a treat first. Etc.

A few times, people have retorted with less than favorable replies. "I can't believe you revolve your life so much around your dog." "Why would you spoil a dog that much...he's an animal."  "You treat your dog better than some treat their own kids." "He's just a dog..."  My lip curls. I can feel the chill running up my spine.

No, he's not just a dog.  He's our furbaby. He's our world. Nothing will ever change that.

How do you spoil your furbaby?

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