Monday, September 2, 2013

Welcome To K9 1-ON-1 Where It's All About The Dogs!

Welcome to our K9 1-ON-1 Companion's For K9's page! We're a team of 2 and at K9 1-ON-1 it's all about the dogs. We've got years of experience under our belts and we are passionate about what we do.

Have you considered doggie daycare, but not keen on the idea of your dog being amongst the "pack" or have found yourself feeling guilty at work thinking about your Fur Baby being alone?  With 1 visit a day from us, you will be guilt free and your dog will love you for it.

We're also here if you're interested in socializing your dog with other dogs, but wasn't sure on how to go about it. This is a win-win situation as all dogs benefit from socialization.

All in all, we are here to cater to all of your fuzzy family member (s) needs.  We provide a wide array of services including:

Vacation Management
Sanitary Trims
Oral Care
Ears, Nails & Gland Maintenance
Individually Selected Companion(s)
K9 101 Classes (Owning & Caring For A Pet)
1-on-1 In-Home Socialization
Socialization Outings
Rides To The Vet

Any K9 Special Needs requests considered and full grooming services are available by appointment.

At K9 1-ON-1 we understand your pet is a family member requiring dedication, care and, most importantly, your love.

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