Saturday, September 7, 2013

How To Decode Your Dog's Body Language

You accidentally wake up late for work.  On the way to the bathroom you trip over something that's not supposed to be on the floor.  There's no time to make coffee at home so you make a pit stop on the way to work for your java fix.  As you're backing into your parking spot, the coffee spills.  You realize you forgot your lunch.  You rush into work, settle in and proceed with your work day.

Shortly after, a coworker approaches you and says, "Wow. Looks like you've had a rough morning."  Keep in mind, this coworker has no idea what you're morning is like.  How could they possibly come to this conclusion?  Is it the look on your face? Your demeanor? How you're standing? 

The answer is all of the above.  It's called body language. It's that "knowing what kind of mood someone is in" without them having to tell you.  Humans are known for our explicit displays of body language signals.

We aren't the only ones.  Dogs also have their own body language. It's their sole means of communication.  If you're a dog owner, I'm sure you've experience a copious amount of body language signals.

Is there a way to decode a dog's body language?  Modern Dog Magazine says yes.  Read up on What My Dog Is Trying To Tell Me to hone up on your decoding skills.

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