Sunday, March 9, 2014

A Little K9 1-ON-1 Random Goodness

Each day is different here at K9 1-ON-1 and we're always snapping photos and taking videos. You can catch all of that fun over at our Facebook page. Today, we were scrolling down the Facebook wall and realized we had a lot of random photos that never made it onto this site. We've got so much exciting stuff to post and often times, the single shots are put off to the side.

We decided to share a few...the random goodness that goes on here at the shop.

Zoe meets Mistachio and doesn't quite know what to make of him...
Miss Lilly came for a spa day and some sweet loves.
A little down time spent with the sweet pups and kitty.
Lavender making friends with Iron Man.
Morning walk with Kevin.
Mustachio has assumed the alpha and leads Theia to the doghouse.
Theia is up and ready to start the day.
Mustachio will not drink from the small bowl. He drinks out of the big bucket like the pups do.
Isn't Lilly gorgeous!

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