Thursday, May 22, 2014


Today was a fun fun day at K9 1-ON-1. We took Capone swimming with us for the 1st time and he did very well as a matter of fact all the other water babies were out long before he came in.

 Lil Rudy had a wonderful time running in the mud and swimming his little heart out. As always Keith, our friend Jean and myself just watched and laughed. Lil Rudy was not so happy getting his bath after his fun. 

 Big Rudy played leap frog, had a grand old time playing in the mud and showed off his swimming skills to Capone.

                                        Beau and Artie watched as Capone swam by

We hope you enjoyed the photos from our day. Leave a comment and let us know witch ones are your favorite. Have a great day from Keith, jessy and the K9 1ON-1 family.

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