Saturday, May 17, 2014

Today our Teddy started his journey to his forever home. When we first met Teddy he was hiding under a table and was so stressed he had not eaten in a few days. His foster mother Devlin called on us to help her assess Teddy’s condition.
  We found that Teddy was extremely fearful of EVERYTHING. The grass on his feet, any kind of unexpected noise, fast movements, wind blowing on his face, just being on a leash was too much for him to handle. He would just shut down and have to be carried. I’m sure you have heard people say “if they get hungry enough they will eat.” Well that was not the case with Teddy. We put his food bowl with him in his hiding place and he ate. Then over a few days we saw Teddy learning from the other dogs and coming to eat. We decided it was best to let the pack teach Teddy how to be a dog. Teddy fit in to K9’s pack very well and made a good friend in our girl Theia. From then to now, we have seen amazing improvements in Teddy. He now comes to a few people and will even let us pet him. He eats with the pack and has no fear walking past things that scared him before. My children are able to pet him and give him food from their hand. We love you Teddy and wish you the best of everything in your forever home.
Love jessy, Keith, Devlin and everyone at K9’s Homebase

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