Sunday, December 1, 2013

Make Your Own Pill Pockets

If you've ever had to give your fur baby a pill or capsule, you're aware of the many challenges behind this. Our furbabies aren't fooled by "liver flavored" pills. There are some tried and true methods, however, your sweet pup can still sniff out that "foreign object." We've witnessed some dogs who have eaten the disguise and seconds later, spit out the pill.

A while back, Pill Pockets hit the market. It's a clever treat with the center hollowed out to disguise a pill. These work extremely well especially for finicky pups who aren't keen on the run-of-the-mill disguises. The only problem, pill pockets can be expensive especially if your furbaby has to take medication daily.

Have you ever thought about making your own? Not only are DIY pill pockets made from all natural ingredients, you can make these brilliant disguises for a fraction of the cost.  These homemade pill pockets only require 3 ingredients, are super easy to make and you can whip 'em up in minutes.

Click here for the recipe

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