Friday, December 6, 2013

Taking Your Fur Baby On A Flight? Read This First...

We usually try to keep things upbeat on the site with funny pictures, the ultimate in comical dog shaming, tips and advice, etc. This time around, with heavy hearts, we're presenting a story that is anything but pleasant to read. There wasn't a dry eye after reading about this tragedy however, it's speaks of a devastating event that could have been prevented. For that, we feel it should be shared especially with Holiday travel plans approaching.

Thousands of pet parents bring their four legged babies on a flight with the confidence every measure will be taken to ensure a comfortable and safe flight. We put a great deal of trust into the men and women who are responsible for this. Some exceed all expectations and go above and beyond to make sure our furbabies are well taken care of. Others not so much.

If you're planning a flight that will include the transport of your pet, please read 'A Mistake He'll Never Forget' first.

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