Monday, November 11, 2013

A Little Sunday Funday...

Who says you can't have a little fun while working, right? Yesterday that's exactly what happened and it made a day of hard work seem...well, fun! 

Keith is dressed for all things sheet rock and power tools. Dex is by his side ready to assist.

Someone has to be on ground level to supervise and Jessy was making sure the power tool duo wasn't making any unnecessary holes.

Keith is working hard to master the fine art of balancing sheet rock on his head. He's doing a fine job so far.

Lisa and Lisa stopped by for a while to help out and this Lisa was more than happy to get her power tool fix.

The other Lisa came loaded with snacks for the "hoomans" and furbabies. Did we mention her Bodacious Biscuits will be available to all very shortly? We'll have more on that later.

Dex is taking a break...and giving Lisa that sweet look of "more biscuits please." How can you say no to a face like that.

There was even a bag of tiny biscuits for Gesta and he crunched his way through quite a few.

And what is Theia up to? Aside from adoring the camera love and willingly posing for pictures, she was busy giving kisses. Lots of 'em.
The shop is building up fast and it won't be long until the doors officially open!  Keep in mind that we are open for business during the "under construction" process. AND...we're open the week of Thanksgiving. Available slots are filling up quickly so if you want your furbaby looking freshly groomed for turkey now.  Give us a call at (860) 963-2464.

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