Wednesday, November 20, 2013

K9 1-ON-1 Thanksgiving Contest

Today is the big day!  The K9 1-ON-1 Thanksgiving Contest officially begins! Our last contest involved sending in a photo of your furbaby sportin' their Halloween costume. This time around, we're keeping it simple...with a bit of a twist.

Think back on past Thanksgivings whether you've hosted it at your house or attended dinner elsewhere. A lot of planning went into everything from what dishes to serve up to the seating arrangements. You planned every detail right down to the table centerpiece. Your goal was for everything to run smoothly. Bottom line, you put in all efforts for the perfect Thanksgiving Day.

It didn't quite go as planned. Maybe the turkey slipped off the platter and crashed to the floor. Grandma drank too much wine and got a little loose lipped at the table. Some of the guests didn't bring the side dishes as promised. You burned the pies.

Lesson learned. Nothing ever goes as planned especially during the holiday season. Over the years, we've learned one thing. There is no such thing as a perfect holiday. The stress we put ourselves through in our attempts to create the perfect holiday dinner is outrageous and unnecessary.

Our motto is go with the flow. We haven't had a perfect holiday season yet and that's okay. Why? Those unexpected and imperfect moments have created some rather comical stories. Those are the memories we're still talking and laughing about even a decade later. No one remembers how awesome the pumpkin pie was or that the kids were well behaved that year. Nope. Ten years later, we're still talking about the naughty joke Grandma told that made everyone laugh.

With Thanksgiving almost a week away, we're in search for some "Imperfect Holiday Moment" stories. Did you forget to put sugar in the pumpkin pie? Did your furbaby decide to help himself to some appetizers? Did Aunt Bettie pass gas at the table during prayer? Whatever it is...we want to hear it.

So, with that being said, here's the rundown of the contest.

1. Go to the K9 1-ON-1 Facebook page and tell us about your Imperfect Holiday Moment. You can leave it as a reply on our contest announcement or start fresh. It's up to you.

2. The contest runs Wednesday (November 20th) to Thanksgiving Day (November 28th) at 9:00 p.m.

3. When you share your story, your name will go into a basket.

4. A winner will be drawn Thanksgiving Day at 9:00 p.m. and announced shortly after.

5. The prize is an assortment of Bodacious Biscuits made by our gal Lisa. Rumor has it, she'll be including a fresh baked treat for the Hoomans too.

There's a few rules...

1. This contest is open to local residents only. For those who aren't local, we still want to hear your story so please share and give us a good laugh.  The more the merrier.

2. One entry per person.

3. Prize will be available for pickup the weekend after Thanksgiving.

Good luck and we're looking forward to some good laughs!

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