Thursday, January 23, 2014

Bacon Carob Brownie Bliss For The Pups

Ever have one of those nights when nothing else will do except for a batch of ooey gooey brownies? We have. That moment arrives when it's time to slice 'em up, grab a couple squares and find that comfortable place on the sofa to enjoy your brownie bliss.

There's just one problem. Guilt. You can feel your pup's eyes fixated on every bite you take. It's impossible to ignore. You want to share your brownies, but that's a big huge no-no. Halfway through your brownie binge you get up to fetch Fido's favorite treat. No go. They're not going to fall for that.

We're here to tell you, there's a solution. Next time you whip up a batch of your favorite brownies, take an extra few minutes to make a pan of Bacon Carob Brownies. These indulgent treats are made with wholesome ingredients and carob...a safe alternative for chocolate. Now you and your fur baby can snack away!

Click here for the recipe

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