Friday, January 10, 2014

Deciphering Pet Food Labels

If you've ever looked at food labels for human food you already know how confusing it can be. Aside from trying to pronounce some of the ingredients, you have to contend with terms like organic, gluten free, kosher, whole wheat, whole grain, all natural, etc. You often wonder what the guidelines are for companies to use these terms on labels.

Shopping for pet food is almost an identical experience. As a pet parent, you want to feed your pup good, wholesome food without all the extra fillers and mystery ingredients. Like human food, there are terms on labels that may be confusing like human-grade, allergen free, super premium, etc.  What does it all mean?

The folks at PetsWeekly put together a helpful infographic to assist with deciphering these labels. Take a few minutes and check it out! Click here to view.

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