Thursday, January 2, 2014

What Does A Yellow Ribbon On A Leash Mean?

In this day and age, colored ribbons are used to show your support for various things. One color can represent various meanings. This extends to pet parents as well...though most aren't aware. If you were to see a pet parent walking their pup on a leash adorned with a yellow ribbon would you know what it meant? Some folks would think it's tied on for decoration or to bling things up. It's quite the opposite.

A yellow ribbon tied on a dog's leash means to proceed with caution. This can stem from various reasons like anxiety, stress, high levels of excitement, a new rescue dog, etc. This is a pet parent's way to let others know they need to keep a safe distance and to respect their pup's space.

To read more on what a yellow ribbon means and The Yellow Dog Project, click here.

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