Friday, January 17, 2014

What Cleaners Are Pet Friendly?

Housework. It's something we all do several times a week especially with fur kids in the house. Keeping a clean house is a never ending chore. Most of us have a designated spot where we keep all the cleaners. They're tucked somewhere safe and out of reach from both the "hooman" and fur kids.  Keeping cleaners out of reach is one way to keep everyone safe however, there's another safety measure we all need to pay attention to. What's IN our cleaners.

Cleaning supplies are toxic to both pets and humans. Using dangerous chemicals to clean your floor or spraying cleaners in areas your pet frequents can cause a world of side effects. Just because your cleaner is labeled "green" or "environmentally friendly" does not mean they're safe.

Click here to view a list of Safe Cleaners for Pets and People

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