Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Looks Like We're Gettin' A Winter Storm

The tentative totals are in and it looks like our area is going to get slammed with a heavy pounding of the white stuff. While most of us know snow totals are never etched in granite, it's safe to say we'll see quite a bit of snow. Top that off with frigid temps and some high's inevitable that roads will be closed and businesses will shut down early.

If you have an appointment with us Thursday or Friday, rest assure we aren't closing our doors. Mother Nature isn't going to stand in the way of a bubbly bath or groom for your fur baby. If you can make it, we'll be here. If you opt to hunker down and stay put, please call to let us know and we'll get you rescheduled.

Enjoy the storm, keep warm and stay safe!

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