Wednesday, January 8, 2014

In The Spotlight - Lulu Parks

Meet Lulu Parks...a beautiful black lab. She became part of a wonderful & loving family at only 10 weeks old. The Parks family fell in love with her from the first moment she came into their sight.

Lulu lived the first 7 years of her life in North Carolina. The Parks family moved back to Connecticut in October of 2013 to be closer to family. As responsible fur baby owners, Carmen and John secured an apartment that allowed dogs before they left North Carolina. After a long ride up the east coast, Carmen, John and Lulu arrived. Much to their surprise and dismay, the apartment was no longer available for them.

Carmen and John could stay with family, but because of circumstances beyond any one's control, Lulu could not. Having nowhere to stay and not enough money to find an apartment that would allow dogs, the Parks went into panic mode. They tried to find someplace to keep Lulu until they could save up enough money for first & last month's rent and the extra deposit for Lulu for an apartment of their own.

After looking at a few places, the Parks heard about K9 1-ON-1's emergency camp. After receiving the call, we set up an interview with the Parks family. Lulu fit right into the K9 1-ON-1 family immediately upon arrival. The Parks felt K9 1-ON-1 was the best fit for her.

Lulu's first overnight with us was November 11, 2013. The first few days Lulu was in transition, but after that she relaxed and instantly became part of the K9 1-ON-1 family. While Lulu was with us we had a wonderful time. She is quite the kisser (aka Lulu licks a lot) and just loves everyone.

Dexter, Theia, Fugesta and Lulu played together, slept together and ate together. Everyone just loved Lulu. She exemplified courteous off leash behavior and was a role model for some of the families we work with on socialization. My daughter Lavender loved playing chase with Lulu and cuddling with her.

I am happy to report that on December 12th Lulu was reunited with her family just in time for Christmas and is back to being her daddy's lap dog (even though she's not a small dog). We will miss seeing you everyday, Lulu, and look forward to when you all visit us in the near future.

With love,
Jessy, Keith and the entire K9 1-ON-1 Family

Lulu and Dex taking their afternoon nap

Lulu's last day with us. It looks like the girls are saying their goodbye's while waiting for John and Carmen to show up.

Lulu on her first day with us and off the leash for the first time.

Lulu's last day with Dex hanging out.

One last trip to the dam to enjoy the afternoon in the snow.

John, Carmen and Lulu back together as a family.

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